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  • big bruce.jpg

    Bruce Banner is a 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid combining OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. The bright green buds and a HIGH THC content are quick to hit and long lasting. If you need a good giggle, this is your strain. Boosts energy, uplifting, mood enhancing, creative.

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    bruce banner

  • MK ultra.jpg

    MK Ultra is a 70/30 Indica dominant hybrid from TH Seeds that combines OG Kush and G-13. It’s light green buds and dripping in trichomes and it tastes flowery with hints of citrus. MKU is great for relaxing and evening use. This stuff won fist place Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003 and 2nd place in 2004. If you want to RELAX and veg out, this is your strain.

    mk ultra

  • IMG_0028.JPG

    Blackberry Kush is an 80/20 Indica dominant hybrid combining Afghani and Blackberry. It’s dark purple buds are highlighted with orange hairs and strong pine and earthy smells.Blackberry Kush gives you a great body high while stirring your creative side. Uplifting, mood enhancing, and GREAT body high. Pain relieving without making you sleepy or couch locked.

    blackberry kush

  • citrix__primary_e777.jpg

    Citrix is a hybrid cannabis strain that draws its genetics from a flavorful Grapefruit mother and a resinous LA Confidential male. Named for its intense orange aroma, Citrix entices the senses before drawing you into its active, clear-headed euphoria. If Citrix makes it into your garden, the telltale signs of a good phenotype include a pungent aroma, disease resistance, heavy yields, rapid vegetative growth, and a dense bud structure.


  • spec ops.png

    Spec Ops cannabis strain is a slightly Indica dominant hybrid by 303 Seeds with incredible genetics. It is a high THC project that seasoned users will have appreciation for, but newbies should stay far away from. It smells like fuel and pine. THC levels usually sit around 30%+. Spec Ops high will gives a relaxed body and a creative (borderline psychedelic) mindset, but it doesn't slack on potency, so make sure you're prepared for this one.

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    Spec Ops

  • sunshine-daydream_825x550_1d8a.jpg

    From Bodhi Seeds comes Sunshine Daydream, an indica-dominant cross between Appalachia and Bubbashine (a Bubba Kush and Blue Moonshine hybrid). Its flavors are an elaborate blend of tangy diesel and fruit, accented by sweet berry undertones. A descendant of Bubba Kush, Sunshine Daydream is a potently psychoactive indica that brings relief to pain, nausea, inflammation, and other conditions that benefit from THC-rich strains. 

    Sunshine Daydream

  • afghani__primary_ca70.jpg

    Afghani is a heavy indica strain named after its geographic origin, where the earliest varieties of cannabis are believed to have grown. Breeders worldwide have come to treasure Afghani for its heavy resin production which is passed on genetically. With a sweet, earthy aroma, Afghani delivers a deep, sedating relaxation and euphoria. Patients most commonly turn to this potent indica to treat insomnia, pain, and stress disorders.


  • n s maui.PNG

    A relative to Hawaiian sativa strains, Maui lives up to its tropical reputation. The musky overtones for this easy sativa are complemented by its fruity aftertaste and floral aroma. More chill than other sativas, Maui tends to be head heavy and delivers a slow cerebral sensation that becomes more prominent over time. Maui effects tend to be medium-long in duration, lasting over 2 hours for many users.


    North Shore Maui

  • purple-dream__primary_d9f3.jpg

    Purple Dream is the mild child of Granddaddy Purple and Blue Dream. Featuring a strong sour grape smell and musty taste, this hybrid is slightly Indica dominant. Purple Dream provides users with a relaxing tingly body sensation and has moderate head-heavy effects. It allows patients to function yet acts as a gentle sedative. This strain is great for those suffering from pain or who just need help winding down. 

    Purple Dream

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