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Strain Spotlight: Spec Ops

The anticipation is killing me.

The Superb Herb team is hanging out at home, medicating and musing about the amazing medicine growing at the factory...and...the anticipation is killing me.

Since the minute these babies from 303 Seeds sprouted up, they have been on our minds.

Spec Ops is super rare, has amazing genetics, and a great origin story.

This stuff is like Bigfoot or a bloody steak….RARE...Nobody at SHC has ever had it. That alone is INSANE. I mean, we have over a century of experience. We have sampled crops all around the world.

Mom and daddy had a little baby, it is growing in the factory. (to the tune of my 3rd favorite Schoolhouse Rock song, "3 is the Magic Number")

The genetics on these are literally award-winning:

Spec-Ops was designed with the unique needs of our Military Veterans and Armed Forces in mind. It is ideal for operators that have a elevated tolerance to THC or are looking for the most effective way to deliver maximum THC cannabinoids in the smallest dose possible. We can't wait for harvest. Oh, the anticipation...we are all on the edge of our seats (including our resident veteran).

1 More month? 6 weeks? We can't wait. Harvesting this is mission critical. We'll keep you updated.

Veterans, thank you for your service!

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