Shhh. It's a screct.

Shhh. It’s a secret.

It sort of has to be, right? No matter how well our business is going, it isn’t really something that you can celebrate. Is it?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if making natural medicine wasn’t so taboo? The Superb Herb Team is lucky that our friends and family are super supportive, but not everyone is judgement free.

Is it the stigma of being a “drug”? Well...most people aren’t hating on Viagra.

Is it because it isn’t federally legal? Well, neither is colluding with the Russians or grabbing the ladies by their (you know what)...but I digress…

My state voted on it. It is legal. So, why the secret?

After some soul searching, deep thought, and medication it is crystal clear. Until we rally for national decriminalization or legalization, there is too much risk.

Good, upstanding members of the community live in secret because the risk is too high (I am so punny).

I am not ashamed, I am proud. It just has to be a secret. Shh.


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