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Let there be (no) light

Seems easy enough. Not so much.

You have no idea how much light exists in the world. (I feel like there should be an inspirational cat poster).

Thank goodness the Superb Herb Team is super diligent and can do some amazing things with Gorilla Tape, clamps, and blackout curtains.

First things first. Why does it need to be dark?


I warned you in our first blog that this was a bunch of science and math.

So, here it is in a nutshell:

Cannabis is classified as a “short day plant” - meaning when the length of darkness exceeds the photo-period of light (short days, long nights), the plant moves into flowering development.

When this happens, the plants sense the change, assume winter is coming (I think there is a Game of Thrones joke in there) and start to produce proteins.

It is like plant puberty.

Females like (and need) to be kept in the dark, most people say 12 hours light, 12 hours dark. If you don’t, they get confused and may even become a hermaphrodite.

Before you get all offended, herms are normal and we aren’t hating on things that are different...but they are AWFUL if you are growing. They could literally ruin an entire crop.

But...that’s another blog.

For now, know that no light, means no light.

There are tons of ways to accomplish this, but we kept it simple.

What we used:

Blackout Curtain


Gorilla Tape


2 X 4

First piece of advice. Make the most of your space. If you have architectural oddities, use them to your advantage. For us, this meant these annoying overhead beams.

We just slipped it over, clamped it, and taped the gaps. Easy enough, right? Well, sort of. There were pin holes in the ceiling, soft fade along the floor, light on the security camera and power get the message...every little light MUST BE ELIMINATED.

Good luck.


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