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If they legalize it, we are all in.

For as long as we can remember, we have said, “if it becomes legal, we are all in”.

Well, with the passing of OK SQ788, medical marijuana is now officially legal in Oklahoma...and...we are all in. If you are interested in the business, friends keeping up with us from afar, or just cool and like our style, follow, like and comment.

Moment of real? It isn’t all fun and games, but it is going well and...we haven’t made a dime...yet.

If you are thinking about opening a commercial medicinal grow, here are some things to keep in mind as you are getting started:

Know the law. All of it. No guessing.

Especially because the details are still being worked out, stay diligent grasshopper. There are changes all the time. Follow forums. Make a point to check the OKMMA website once a week. Be sure you follow ALL the rules. If in doubt, be conservative. Do you have to spend $40 on that extra license? Who knows. Do it anyway. Better safe than sorry. Also, get to know your reps at the Capital. Our rep Jacob Rosecrants sits on the 788 working committee and is a great advocate for upholding the spirit of the law we passed.

Finding a place to rent is a PAIN.

We found that if the commercial location had a loan on it, the lender wouldn’t allow it to be used for a medical grow or processing operation. A location is required before a license can be granted, so start here. If you can’t find a place, you should tap out. This is out of your league.

You need a ton of power.

If you happen across an affordable place with adequate electric capacity, count your blessings. Depending on your size and setup, you may need 3 stage electric. If that is already set up in your space, this can be a huge time and cost saver.

There is a bunch of science and math.

This is botany & horticulture. It is not a joke. You are growing medicine. The coolest thing so far? The entire cloning process. We are making plants out of nothing...and those roots. Using the EZ Clone is so satisfying.

One day it is a cut, and a little over a week later, it looks like this.

This is a stinky business.

There is no way to explain how smelly it gets. It happened almost overnight. Plan ahead and make sure you have adequate options to vent and filter. Especially if you have neighbors. They aren’t going to believe that you have a “skunk” problem.

So, that’s a start. As we grow, we will share what we learn (pun intended).


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